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Testimonials-Why park with us?

How Keck's Parking Works

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    The ONLY long term off airport parking that offers:

  • • Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • • Fully fenced lot with video surveillance.
  • • Complimentary shuttles stationed at the airport, so you don't have to call for a ride

Keck Airport Parking offers a convenient, affordable, and safe environment for your car while you travel from the Des Moines Airport for just $7.00 per day. When you arrive at the Keck Airport Parking lot, all you have to do is take a ticket and park your vehicle in any open spot. Then lock your car and wait for the shuttle to pick you up right at your vehicle. The shuttle will drop you off outside the Des Moines Airport terminal for quick and easy entry into the airport. Upon returning to the Des Moines airport, the shuttle will pick you up outside of the baggage claim doors (no need to call us), and will drop you off right at your car. Parking at Keck Airport Parking is that easy!

The Keck Airport Parking team will help you with your luggage, and can also help jumpstart cars with dead batteries, or inflate tires that have gone flat. These are all complimentary services at Keck Airport Parking. The entrance to Keck Airport Parking is located east of Fleur Drive on Porter Ave. directly across from the Des Moines Airport entrance. If you have any questions, call us at 287-3036.

Car Warming - $5.00

Car Warming

Would you like to come home to a warm car?
Just give your keys to the Keck bus driver and fill out the key tag to let us know what day you will be returning, and what time you would like your car to be started. On the day you are returning we will pull your car up front, and start it at the specified time so that it is warm and ready for you when you return from your trip. If your return flight time changes, just call us and let us know the new time. It’s that simple, and cold cars are no fun.

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